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Pros and cons of chewing gum

Chewing gum has become a very common habit, either because you like the taste of the candy, because you are anxious or stressed or because you just did not have time or forgot to brush your teeth. And although many claim that chewing gum provides great benefits, some others do not agree with that. That is why your Dentist in Cancun has created a list where we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of chewing gum.


  • Decreases the acidity of the mouth

When chewing gum we increase the flow of our saliva, which allows to neutralize the acids of the beverages and foods that we ingest. Saliva has phosphate and calcium, very beneficial for the teeth.

  • Xylitol, the enemy of decay

Chewing gum is even more effective in preventing tooth decay if it contains a sugar substitute called xylitol. It has the same power as sucrose (powdered sugar), but contains fewer calories than other carbohydrates and some studies have shown that it can reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.


  • Jaw ache

Almost always we tend to chew on more than one side of the other, this can cause imbalance in the jaw muscle and even TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder in the jaw, which can be a painful chronic condition.

  • Teeth wear

When we chew gum with flavor we are filling our teeth with sugar, maybe we do not take much importance to the ingredients contained in the chewing gum because after all we do not swallow it, however the chewing gum normally contains flavorings and acid preservatives that In fact they can cause tooth wear.

Chewing gum or toothbrush?

This is a question we often hear but there really should not be any doubt.
Chewing gum is an important aid to maintain dental health but it does not replace brushing or normal hygiene. Do not forget that specialists recommend visiting the dentist once every six months.

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