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Poor oral hygiene can quickly lead to non-dental diseases

Oral hygiene is closely related to general healthRecent studies have shown that bacteria that live in the mouth can be a risk factor for several diseases.

Poor oral hygiene can quickly lead to periodontal disease. Bacteria associated with periodontitis can enter the blood through the gums that bleed and from there spread throughout the body, affecting areas that should not have any relation with oral health:

• Heart disease: the bacteria can travel in the blood to get to the heart, where is converted in an important factor of risk related with the heart attacks.
• Endocarditis: bacteria can find a way to the inner linings and valves of the heart that simultaneously create bacterial sacs. These bags cause inflammation and infection of the inner linings of the heart.
• Pancreatic cancer: According to a study published by the Harvard School of Public Health, people with a history of gum disease may have an increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
• Brain hemorrhages: There are several reasons why a brain hemorrhage may occur. One is the narrowing of the arterial walls and the other is the formation of blood clots. It is believed that oral bacteria can be a factor that contributes to provoke both situations due to the response of the heart against such bacteria.
• Inflammation: Having inflamed and bleeding gums can lead to a systemic inflammation that has no cure.
• Rheumatoid arthritis: Periodontal disease has been found to worsen the pain that people suffering from this immune disorder already have.
• Pulmonary diseases: those who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pneumonia can see their affections worsen because of the increase of bacteria in their lungs.
• Dementia: A British study by the University of Central Lancashire indicates that maintaining good oral hygiene can prevent dementia; as it decreases the presence of a bacterium that causes gingival pathologies: porphyromonas gingivalis.

The best way of fighting against the disease periodontal and the problems of health related with the oral bacteria is to keep a good hygiene, brushing the teeth a minimum two times a day, use dental floss and regular visits to your dentist.

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