Restore your confidence!

Restore the confidence!

When we think to better our teeth, we know that we will obtain different benefits, like eat all that we want without worrying about using a denture. And other benefit, that almost always is the principal, is to restore the confidence we lost.

Do you know the smile on your face can subconsciously affect not only the people around you but even yourself? This is a good reason to restore your smile with Dental Implants Vacations. So, if you don’t be convinced yet, we show you an amazing data about smiles and their influence.

-Smiling is an essential part of the human being.

The gesture is unique among our closest animal relatives. After the first month of age the social smile develops on human babies in reaction to stimuli and especially to human faces, physical contact and high pitched sounds.

-A beaming smile makes you more attractive.

71% of women and 58% of men rate it as the most desirable feature in a partner. Also, 24% of people said that a smile is the facial feature they remember most when meeting people.

-Smiles are contagious!

More than 50% people will unconsciously return a smile. Smiling people are regarded as more accessible and honest.

-There are several health benefits to smiles.

Even if you are no happy, the action of smiling for about 10 seconds straight can trick your brain into “feeling” better, helping with a pain threshold, slightly giving you immune system a boost and even releasing neuropeptides into the blood, reducing pressure and anxiety.

This is why it’s been repeatedly shown that people that smile a lot live healthier and longer lives. You don’t have to hold back your smile anymore because of your teeth. We are able to help and find a solution for your dental problems.

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