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Causes for tooth pain

There are many causes for tooth pain, so it is necessary to visit your dentist so he can find the source of the problem and carry out a treatment to get rid of pain.

  • Caries, is one of the main causes of dental pain. The dentist is in charge of assessing the state of the caries to be able to find the best option for your treatment. However, if caries has caused irreparable damage to the tooth the only remaining option is to remove it.
  • Other causes for intense dental pain are fractures or dental fissures. Cracked teeth are some of the most common accidents we see when people come to have a vacation in Isla Mujeres. We know that there many activities and water sports that have a level risk and some could end up damaging your smile. If you have an accident we can help you, we attended walk-ins and dental emergencies.
  • Another common cause of dental pain is due to the exposed dental roots, a situation that occurs when the gums retract and when they come in contact with hot or cold foods trigger a quite painful and sharp discharge.

There also exist other types of causes that are not related directly with the tooth, for example:

  • Abscesses or gingival phlegm is a disease of a periodontal nature that not only affects the area in which it occurs (gums) but also can move to other areas of the body such as the ear or throat.
  • Pericoronitis: Another cause of dental pain that does not always affect the tooth itself, and in this case it should be noted that this condition results in an inflammation in the gingiva because a tooth tries to emerge to its natural position. This happens a lot with the eruption of wisdom teeth.

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